Travis Eggers wins 2013 NAPA Auto Parts Peace Country Open Championship

Eggers points to his practice with his short game as making the difference throughout the tournament.

“It was a good weekend, it was very rewarding that all the time I spent on my short game paid off,” Eggers says. “Without my short game, I wouldn’t have won this weekend, because I hit it poorly, but chipped well and putted well.”


He adds that the conditions made things difficult on the course with all the rain in the region as of late. 

“It was a tough weekend. Conditions were hard, it was wet and hard to make putts,” he explains. “It makes all shots [difficult]. We spend so much time practising, expecting a certain result. Now, instead of the ball rolling out on chips, they stop and grab, and shots coming onto the green spin, instead of hitting and releasing, they sometimes spin back off the green, so you have to completely change your game to get through.

Troy Knight, General Manager at Lakepoint Golf and Country Club says that all the golfers who came out were looking forward to coming back for next year’s tournament.

“A lot of people were shaking my hand, saying ‘thank you very much’, they had a good time,” Knight says. “They said they’d be back next year.

Below are the winners, and second place finishers from the 2013 NAPA Auto Parts Peace Country Open:

Championship Winner: Travis Eggers (217), Runner-up: Ritch Hosker (225).

1st Flight Winner: Stefan Brandmann (225), Runner-up: Peter Debryun (243).

2nd Flight Winner: Dave L’Hirondelle (244), Runner-up: John Tanchuk (261).

3rd Flight Winner: Brett Young (246), Runner-up: Blair Karasiuk (251).

4th Flight Winner: Morris Paquette (254), Runner-up: Derek Moore (259).

5th Flight Winner: Robin DeRose (271), Runner-up: Vince Trudgeon (287).

Senior’s Champion: Greg Pallister (231), Runner-up: Larry London (243).

Ladies Champion: Pearl Pimm (268), Runner-up: Kelly Smeeth (285).