Driver runs red light causing crash in Dawson Creek

Both the van’s passenger and the driver of the Jeep were treated at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. 

One driver has been issued a traffic ticket for running a red light at an intersection, although which driver is not being released. 


Sergeant Scott West of the Dawson Creek RCMP is pleading with drivers to slow down and stop at yellow lights, as the city’s most serious collisions involve people not stopping for a yellow or red light. 

“Rushing and proceeding through yellow and red lights can have tragic consequences,” he argues. “Is what ever you are late for worth sending some one to the hospital or worse? Please stop.” 

He adds that speeding up to make it through a light can lead to criminal charges if there is a collision, including criminal negligence causing bodily harm or death or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.