Farmington resident wants stop to oil and gas activity near school and hall

In a letter to the PRRD, she asks the board to halt all activity within 10 kilometres of those two buildings, as they are considered a hub for the community, and she feels that they could be in jeopardy should there be a gas leak or a blow out at current sites, or the proposed pad along Parkland Road by Encana.

“It is ironic that the Farmington Hall has been chosen as a ‘safe haven’ in case of an emergency, with the Peace River Regional District installing a transfer switch recently in case PRRD need to bring in a generator to provide power to this evacuation center,” Keith writes. “The Farmington Hall is situated smack dab in the middle of a huge amount of oil and gas extraction activity and as such may not be available as an evacuation centre in case of a local incident because it is in the danger zone.”


She also wants the PRRD to lobby the province to stop Encana’s planned multi-drilling hole pad, as it is “too close” to the elementary school, the hall, residents, livestock, and crops.┬áKeith points out that the Ministry of Environment is negotiation with the Farmington Community Association to install an ambient air monitoring station at the hall for one year, and argues that it should be there permanently.

The Regional District discussed the letter at its meeting Thursday morning, with Area C Director Arthur Hadland saying it “strikes a chord” with him, remembering when Baldonnel Elementary had to be evacuated in the past.┬áThe issue will be brought up at the meeting on September 30, when provincial representatives will be present to respond to questions.