Flyers looking forward to improved travel with new bus

Priority for the season for use of the bus will be given to the Huskies says Flyers president Paul van Nostrand, as the Huskies schedule has already been finalized.

“We’re treating it as a Huskies bus first,” he says. “Their schedule is in place, so we’ll work around their schedule, and our schedule is in the process of being developed now following the North Peace Hockey League meeting last night.”

Van Nostrand adds that in the event that both teams share a date on the road, the Flyers have a couple of potential alternatives to make sure the team arrives at its required destination.

“There are a couple of buses that would be options from what I understand,” he explains. “Blueberry [First Nation] has bought a bus, so we may be able to rent that, and the Tracker midget hockey team was good enough to rent us their bus on occasion last year, so that may be an option, and then there’s another bus in Wembley. Chances are there’ll be conflict from time to time, but it’s a Huskies bus first.”

Although he hasn’t had a chance to see the bus yet, van Nostrand says that Huskies General Manager Vince Pederson tells him the bus is a significant improvement to the one that the team was using last season.

“From all reports from Vince Pederson, it’s a real step up from what we’ve had in the past,” van Nostrand states. “It’s larger, and it’s a 2000, so relatively new, so we’re really looking forward to it. We’ll be getting into Creative Signworks to get some painting and decals put on it to recognize our sponsors, and we’re really looking forward to it coming out from there.”

At last night’s NPHL fall meeting, it was determined that the Flyers will play in 24 games this season as the team plays at the AA level on a full time bases. The Flyers will play all of the West Division teams five times, while playing four games against the East Division opponents. The playoff format has also been established as being a three round, best-of-seven tournament.

The Flyers are still looking for a coach to fill the vacancy left by Darrel Leahy’s retirement. Van Nostrand says that the team is still actively pursuing someone for the position, and anyone interested is encouraged to call him at 250-793-2211 for more information.