Fort St. John and Dawson Creek set temperature records

They include Dawson Creek, which reached a high of 31.6 degrees, far surpassing the previous record of 24.7 degrees set in 2009. Locally, the temperature reached 29.8 degrees at the Environment Canada airport weather station, topping by two degrees the previous September 12th record set in 1944.

Actually, we came within two-tenths of a degree of matching the all-time recorded September high for Fort St. John, which was 30 degrees on the 9th of the month, also in 1944.


Today is expected to be significantly cooler than that, with a high of only 23, and the September 13th record set in 1957 was 25.6. It should be warmer again on the weekend, with projected Saturday and Sunday highs of 25 and 27, but again, neither of those temperatures would establish a new record. The highest recorded temperatures on September 14th and 15th were both in 1967, and they were 26.1 and 21.4, respectively.

It is also worth noting there’s still no precipitation forecast through the weekend, and if that turns out to be the case, it will mean a dry first half of the month, for the second year in a row.