Fort St. John’s Brad Stewart to headline final Fivestar Fight League event of 2013

Each fighter holds one victory over the other, with both being hotly contested. Fivestar owner/promoter Justin Donally says that both the previous contests could have gone either way, so making a third was a no-brainer.

“The first fight was very back and forth. It was a split decision loss for Brad, and that fight could have went either way; everybody had different opinions on it,” he says. “So when we booked that rematch for the title, it ended up being a great fight, and actually Baker was winning the fight up until Brad caught him in a submission. We just decided it was the best fight that’s on the table, and Baker’s been good with us, so we kinda want to give him the shot, and we’ll let those guys fight out their third fight.”


Donally adds that despite this being the third time that Stewart and Baker will meet in the octagon, the two have a good relationship with no animosity towards each other.

“There’s really no hard feelings with these guys. They say hello, they talk,” he admits. “In Penticton, Brad did an in cage thing after Baker won, and there’s no hard feelings. They’ll get the rubber match out of the way, whoever wins, wins and they’ll continue on with their careers. I think a lot of people will be looking forward to that fight.”

Aside from the main event, FFL 10 will feature up to nine fights, along with four championship fights.

“[It’s] the last card of the year, so we’re planning on putting on a good show, trying to keep as many guys active, our higher guys up on the roster,” Donally explains. “We want to fill our two vacant titles on this card, so we’re looking at four title fights, which is a lot, but we’re going to shoot for eight or nine fights on this card with that many title fights and bring a good card to Grande Prairie.”

FFL 10 will showcase four fighters each from Fort St. John and Grande Prairie. Tickets for the event will go on sale next Friday.