Minister of Children and Family Development meeting foster families in Fort St. John

Cadieux says that she’s in Fort St. John to get input from colleagues regarding foster families, as well as express her appreciation for those who foster children.

“I’m up as a part of my normal ministerial tours to meet with my staff in the area, discuss issues of concern, ideas, whats going on, whats unique about the area, as well meet with our contracted services providers like the Child Development Centre,” she explains. “It’s also Foster Family Month starting tomorrow, so [I’ll] meet with foster families and say thank you to them, as well as to have an opportunity to hear from them about their experience with being foster parents.”

She adds that foster parents take on a lot of responsibility themselves in order to help the lives of children.

“They’re an incredible group of people, very giving, very committed to making children’s lives better in the province,” she says. “They give a tremendous amount, they welcome kids into their homes and hearts and they do a tremendous service. They work with some of our most vulnerable kids in the province, so it’s important to remember that and to listen to what they believe would make a difference for those kids.”

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm accompanied  Cadieux to the event. He recognizes the value of foster families and admits there is room for improvement when it comes to getting foster children adopted.

“I think Foster Family Month is very important. Some of the things we’ve heard today is that maybe we have to find better ways to take kids from foster care and get them into adoption services, and I think that’s something the Minister is always working at,” he states. “Some of the things in the system right now seem to take a little more time than some would like, but you also have to be very careful. It’s a very important thing that you’re doing when you take a child from foster care to an adoption, that will probably be most important thing that happens to that child.”

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