More information needed to support Site C Environmental Impact Statement

The preliminary review of the document has been completed, and between it and comments received, the three-person Joint Review Panel has determined that more information is needed to back up some of what was included. That additional information is needed before the panel can call the EIS sufficient, and schedule public hearings. 

There are 20 different topics the panel has requested more information on,  with several questions and concerns on each. 


The panel questions how much of the Peace River and Moberly River would be flooded once the upstream coffer dams are in place, and what the effect of that flooding will be, and further clarification of what would happen should the other dams in the area fail. 

A further assessment of the effects on fish and fish habitats is requested, as well as identifying what existing houses and buildings would be impacted by shoreline protection measures, and how residents would be relocated. 

Notably, the panel also asks Hydro to identify how the project would impact mental and social service agencies in the region, and how the potential effects could be mitigated.  

Now that this information request has been issued, the regulatory clock has been stopped, and will only restart once B.C. Hydro responds.

The full request for additional information can be downloaded below.