Over $42,000 raised in support of United Way Northern B.C. at Annual Fire Truck Pull

United Way Northern B.C. serves an area that covers approximately two-thirds of the province, working with partners to provide solutions to social issues like poverty and health. Niki Hedges, Community Development and Campaign Coordinator for United Way Northern B.C. goes into more specifics at to what the money raised will assist with.

“They’ll go towards projects that have been identified in the community where the service gaps are. These funds will go into not for profit charities, or organizations,” she says. “It’s really meeting an identified need for a program that is going to impact the most amount of people, and make a big difference in the community.”

Hedges continues by saying that Fort St. John is a special place where people always come together and do a lot of positive things for fundraising efforts.

“Fort St. John is one of the most unique communities that I serve in the north east region. It’s one of the only communities that really comes together in this magnitude,” she explains. “The atmosphere and the spirit is absolutely superb, it’s second and none. For me, I look forward to this every year because it has to be the most fun, electric event. The atmosphere is amazing.”

Easily the biggest contributor for the cause this year was Progress Energy as they raised $27,570. Hedges says they played a huge part in helping double the amount raised from last year.

“It’s amazing. Every year more and more funds are raised. Progress Energy and some of the other corporations really put a lot of spirit into raising funds,” she continues. “I want to say a really huge thank you to the teams that participated, and having raised such a large sum of money, we’ve doubled what we’ve raised last year.”

Also a big contributor to the fundraising efforts were Shell Canada V-Power as they tallied over $11,000 for the cause. The organization also had the best time for the truck pull, even beating the Fort St. John Fire Department, completing the 50 foot pull in 11.84 seconds.