Pickleball trying to take off in Fort St. John

Grant Spelsberg is one of the organizers for today’s demonstration. He explains in more detail what pickleball is all about.

“It’s a combination of ping pong, badminton and tennis, and you play on a badminton court, but the net is a little lower than a tennis net,” he explains. “You use kind of a giant ping pong paddle, and you use air balls to play, and you play it like tennis basically. It’s mostly common that doubles is played. It wasn’t started by seniors, but seniors have gotten onto it really well. It’s a much smaller court, a badminton sized court. You can almost fit four pickleball courts on one tennis court.


He continues by saying that most of the rules come from tennis, as the lines on the court are very similar as to what you would see from tennis.

“There’s a close line up by the net where you’re not allowed to go over that line and hit the ball out of the air. If it bounces close to the net then you can run in and hit it off the bounce,” he says. “So if you want to hit it out of the air you gotta stay back behind that line, it’s called the kitchen, but I don’t know why it’s called that.  

Enthusiasts will be back at Bert Ambrose Elementary next Saturday for another round of games, and starting September 26, the group will be having more “learn to play” sessions at C.M. Finch Elementary, and will carry on every Thursday night at 7 p.m. They are also looking at putting in an indoor court at the Pomeroy Sport Centre. Anyone curious about the game, or wanting to come out is encouraged to simply show up, or you can call Grant at 250-785-5733.