Red carpet rolled out for 2013 Community Living Awards

The awards were handed out by Moose FM’s Ted Sloan and Sarah Carmichael, with assistance from envelope girl Zoe and drum rolls from Peter Fehr.

Executive Director Cindy Mohr says the awards part of the AGM began years ago when it seemed to be all about business, missing why everyone is really a part of the organization. 


“What can we do to make it really all about the people that we support?,” she asked herself. “So we do a little bit of business at the beginning and the rest of the night is really about celebrating the people that we support and all their unique skills and abilities and make it all about them.” 

It’s clear how much the awards are appreciated by the huge smiles and fist pumps from each recipient. Some even take to the microphone to thank their friends, family, and the Association for their support. Mohr says the hope is that they’ll leave the night feeling proud of the accomplishments they made the past year. 

“Many of them struggle with their disabilities throughout the year, so for us it’s an uplifting event that hopefully they come away with feeling really good about themselves and feeling really good about who they are.”