Travis Eggers adds to strong season with the Lakepoint Club Championship

Eggers says that this year has been one of his strongest for local tournaments, and he is making strides in putting in solid rounds of golf.

“Locally yes, it’s been a good year; it’s been a consistent year,” he says. “Seems like I couldn’t ever put the round in, but the last two days, yes [it was good]. I’ve made good decisions this year. For the most part I’ve hit smart shots when I’ve needed to and minimized the big scores.” 


Eggers goes on to say that he made things simple for himself by being consistent throughout the tournament as he avoided the roughs, and was always in position for birdie putts.

“It was fairly easy, other than on 18, I hit good tee shots, and got in trouble, and made a double and a bogey on 18,” he explains. “Other than that, I never missed the centre of the fairway; I was looking at birdie every hole.”

Below are the top finishers for each category from the Lakepoint Club Championships.

Championship Flight: 1st Travis Eggers, 2nd Ritch Hosker, 3rd Stefan Brandmann

First Flight: 1st Randy Morrow, 2nd Phil Bernert, 3rd Larry Pimm

Junior Flight: 1st Jake Lane, 2nd Sterling Middleton

Senior Flight: 1st Gerald Chiulli, 2nd Percy Peterkin, 3rd Larry London

Ladies Flight: 1st Kelly Smeeth, 2nd Pearl Pimm, 3rd Cheryl Lequiere