Work begins to find funds for School District 60 support staff raises

Local 4653, which represents workers in Fort St. John area schools, has meetings scheduled for today and tomorrow, and School District 60 Superintendent Dave Sloan is fairly confident they’ll support the “fair” deal.

Sloan says he and a team that includes the Secretary Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer began work early this morning to figure out what the district can do less of, or do for less.


“Executive staff will go through the operating budget to see what efficiencies can be found,” Sloan explains. “We’ll have to look at what that [raise] costs this district, and then we’ll have to be quite careful and creative in terms of how we find that money in our budget without damaging the core services.” 

Sloan admits that finding the money won’t be easy, as the budget for this year has already been finalized. They’ve been given just over a month to report back to the Ministry of Education on where the funds will come from.