Zombie apocalypse in Fort St. John tomorrow

Organizer Kim Large says that while a zombie walk is fun to attend and watch, it’s also held with a cause in mind. 

“It typically is to raise funds for a charity,” she explains. “Most of them it’s a food bank, because it’s kind of funny to have zombies getting food for the food bank. So basically it’s to raise non-perishables for your local food bank, and just to have fun!” 


Non-perishable food donations will be collected when the walk begins at 4 p.m. in Centennial Park, as well as through a drop box in front of Dollarama in the Totem Mall. Food items will also be accepted as admission for the two zombie movies that will be shown after the walk at Aurora Cinema around 5 p.m. ParaNorman will be playing for the kids, while the remake of The Evil Dead is the Rated R option. Large expects there to be plenty of little zombies running around, as in the past more than half of participants have been families. 

“People that are really, really into this genre… there are a lot of people that are into zombies and horror, and then there’s people that are really necessarily into it at all,” she says. “They just thought it was something kind of cool to do. The parents come with the kids and it’s really cool.” 

Leaving from Centennial Park, the risen will make their way to the Totem Mall. Spectators are welcomed with open arms, but the safety of brains is not guaranteed.