B.C. Hydro funds northeast B.C. career counsellor position

The intention is to encourage students to stay in school and help them transition into trades and career training. 

Bennett says the counsellor will, “work with teachers, parents, students, to make sure that students are aware of the opportunities in skilled trades.” He adds, “Lots of young people don’t always know about the opportunities and don’t know, perhaps, how much money they can make in these trades jobs.” 


Thus funding the position makes sense for B.C. Hydro, as a project like the proposed Site C dam would need thousands of skilled workers. 

“B.C. Hydro understands the need for a skilled workforce in the northeast and we believe that funding a career counsellor position will benefit both students and industry,” says B.C. Hydro’s Site C Executive Vice President Susan Yurkovich. “Site C will require a large number of skilled workers, and trades and skills training is needed to prepare students for these job opportunities.” 

It’s expected the terms of reference for the job will be drawn up in the near future.