Charlie Lake Fire Department opens its doors to the public with open house

Dale Widsten is the Assistant Chief with the Charlie Lake Fire Department. He says those attending participated in a number of activities including putting out fires.

“It’s Fire Prevention Week so we opened the doors to the community and see who wanted to come down,” he says. “We’ve got stuff for the kids. They’re playing with hoses and were lighting fires and letting people put it out with fire extinguishers.”


One of the many things the Charlie Lake Fire Department sees when they deal with kitchen fires has to do with forgotten food that’s cooking. Widsten wants to remind people to stay on top of the food they are preparing. 

“[A] lot of burnt food that’s left unattended and usually sets off an alarm that sets us into motion,” he explains. “You want to pay attention to what’s going on in your kitchen and try not to leave your food unattended so it doesn’t set off the alarms. 

Cooking is the leading cause of house fires in Canada, and firefighters say that most of the kitchen fires they attend started when cooking was left unattended for only a few minutes.