CrossFit 187 raises over $19,000 and counting for Special Olympics Canada

Tara Maddigan of CrossFit 187 says the athletes doing the full 24 hours had a lot of support from the community as things progressed into the evening and overnight.

“We slowed down a little bit, obviously we weren’t as energetic as we were in the morning and afternoon but we had some people bring us coffee after midnight,” she says. “We had somebody bring us pizza, so we were well fed to keep our energy up.”


As the members took part in the final workout, Maddigan says they were happy to have taken part in the event.

“We were all pretty excited. It was a nice workout to end it with, it wasn’t anything to crazy. Everybody was in pretty high spirits.” she states.

CrossFit is still accepting donations online for another two weeks for the cause. Anyone still wanting to contribute to Special Olympics Canada can do so by clicking here