Declining mule deer population means changes to 2013 hunting season

The number of fawns that survived was low, and the changes are intended to maintain numbers and avoid further population decline.

The three-point buck season from November 1 to November 30 has been changed to a four-point buck season. The change affects Management Units 7-20 to 7-22, 7-31 to 7-35, 7-43 Zone B to 7-47, and 7-54. 


Meanwhile, general open season from anterless mule deer in the Agricultural Zone, Management Unit 7-20A, from November 15 to November 20 has been closed. Instead, it’s been replaced with a Limited Entry Hunt for antlerless mule deer from December 1 through December 20. 

The fall antlerless bow season also was cancelled earlier this year. 

All other mule deer hunts in the region are unchanged, but to be sure, hunters should consult with the online 2012-14 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis or call the regional FrontCounter B.C. office at 250-787-3411.