Doe River youth organizes fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

“My nanny, she loves to walk, my sisters, I got them involved, and for me, I love riding horses,” she says. “I actually want to compete, so riding for me was easy.” 

It took Sierra, her three sisters, her grandmother and her parents a total of 28 days to travel the equivalent distance, and so far they’ve raised $1,800 for the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta in Edmonton, where children and their families can stay while getting treatment in hospital. The BonanzaSchool student stayed at the Ronald McDonald House when she was in Edmonton for the second of two surgeries need to correct her “pigeon-toed” walk. 


“I loved it there; it was amazing!” she exclaims. “They have a teen room, they had a run around play room, they even gave us tickets to go to Galaxyland.” 

She says she wants other children to be able to experience what she did, and was inspired to find a way to help after she was invited to help make dinner for others staying in the house. 

“I knew I wanted to do a fundraiser when they invited us to come to the Home for Dinner program,” she says. “I thought, ‘oh, I want to do something, but we’re 621 kilometres away,’ so we couldn’t.” 

Although the Evans’ have completed their journey, donations will be accepted until the beginning of November when Sierra will head to Edmonton to present the funds raised.