Elks wrap up first speed skating meet of the season

Coach Richard Stickel was encouraged with what he saw in his skaters, given it was the opening meet of the season.

“It’s been really good; we’ve had some skaters really skate some impressive times especially for a first meet of the year,” he says. “Some of them are really getting a lot of the technical things like passing and stuff like that which is really tough to learn here.” 


Technical issues tend to be the main thing that stands out early on in the season. With that, Stickel says the improvement from last year to this year has been great. 

“You always kind of wonder where they are going to be at technically. They’ve more than answered any questions you may have there,” he explains. “They’ve all gotten so much better in the last year and they all really, really look strong right now. I’m really surprised how good they look this early in the year.”

Going forward, Stickel plans to work with skaters on enhancing their passing skills even further in short track events, given how hard the skill is to perfect. The team will now turn its attention to a Can Am long track meet in Calgary for the club’s older skaters.

Below are the results from the Elks:

Division 2:

2. Colton Johnson

3. Yuna Lovell

4. Nate Burchell

Division 3: 

1. Joshua Telizyn

2. Nyam Newlove

5. Ryan Quigley

8. Brooke Braun

Division 4: 

1. Kaden Hagen

8. Brett Weber

9. Jordy Weber

Division 5: 

4. Allan Keeler

5. Meagan Guliov

6. Ashley Schmidt

8. Thomas Martins

9. Austin MacGregor

10. Brody Mickey

11. Bradley Crawford

Division 6:

2. Charlie Ramsey

3. Tara Ashrafi

5. Graham Pearce