Flyers open exhibition series against Fort Nelson with 9-2 win

Dicaire says he was looking for good effort for the most part in the game, and was impressed with the physical tone his team set throughout the contest.

“I was just hoping for guys to work hard. We worked on a little bit of systems there in the three skates that we did have. They came out and forechecked, hit guys, and played pretty physical. It was good to see,” he says. “We pretty much rolled four lines. Even though we started up on the score there I wanted the PP to stay as is. We don’t have many ice times before the regular season so we were working on stuff like that. I was pretty happy tonight.”


The line of Jeff Shipton, Clayton Bahm, and Jeff Fast played a key role in the game. The line did their part in the game with a staggering total of 10 points. 

“That whole line Shipton, Bahm, and Fast, they always play together. They’ve slowly climbed up the depth chart of the Flyers over the last couple of years,” Dicaire explains. “Them and the Horst, Cleaver, and Fitzgerald line really played well and our whole back end I was surprised they played fairly well.”

The goal scorers for Fort St. John in order last night were Clayton Bahm, Mike Shipton, Jeff Shipton, Rick Cleaver, Matt Shuya, Jeff Shipton, Rick Cleaver, Clayton Bahm, and Payden Wongstedt.

The Flyers dominated the shots on goal throughout the contest as they fired 38 shots on the Fort Nelson goal, while the Yeti responded with 20.

The Flyers and Yeti will do it all again tonight from the North Peace Arena with the game beginning at 8:30 p.m.