Fort Nelson First Nation wants portion of shale gas royalties

The band’s population is small at around 800, but its territory is about the size of New Brunswick and contains three of B.C.’s four shale-gas reserves: the Horn River, Liard and Cordova Basins.

The Globe says even if only a handful of the proposed LNG plants are built on the B.C. north coast, the Chief expects a six-fold increase in exploration, drilling, and fracking activity. It adds the First Nation anticipates current environmental impacts will include a loss of groundwater, air pollution from three gas plants, and damage from nearly 80,000 kilometres of seismic cut lines.


The paper quotes Chief Gale as saying her band is seeking a balanced, solutions-based approach between environmental protection and job creation. Specifically, the band wants a portion of shale gas royalties, not unlike a condition the Premier has demanded for allowing new pipelines to take Alberta oil to the coast.

The article cites her exact words as ,“We want world-class partnerships to go with those world-class resources.” 

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