Fort St. John Dragons have strong performance at weekend taekwondo tournament

President of the Taekwondo Society Brenda Baumeister says she was thrilled to see so many people make the trip for the tournament and was happy with the success they had.

“It was absolutely awesome. We had a great turnout. The kids worked really, really hard,” she explains. “Mike Gregoire is our head instructor and I know that he expressed that he was pleased with the outcome, excited to see the kids and how well they worked. It’s pretty exciting when you know that those are the students that you’re helping out.”


Allyson Knight was one of the students taking part in the event. She says it was a fun weekend for all who took part with a wide range of people at the tournament

“The weekend was really successful. Almost everyone medalled, everyone had tons of fun,” she says. “We start at five years old all the way up to adults. We have a wide range of people. Taekwondo is for everyone.”

Knight, now 15, says that she decided to give the sport a try and enjoys all the things it has to offer, including working with younger students.

“I started taekwondo when I was four, and just loved it ever since,” she states. “I enjoy the tournaments a lot; it’s my favourite part. I also enjoy helping teach the younger kids; it’s one of my favourite things.”

The athletes taking part in the event for the Fort St. John Dragons were Mike Gregoire, Brooklyn Jodoin, Jack Peterson, Josh Morgan, Evan Morgan, Riley Lagadyn, Ashton Ragan, Brenda Baumeister, Kinden Lock, Tyler Webster, Payden Ziegler, Caleb Ragan, Allyson Knight, JoAnne Rondeau, Conor Soule, Vlad Korepanov, Macklin Hollman, Carson Bowler, and Colton Bowler.

The Dragons will have ample time to prepare for their next tournament which will be in Edmonton once again the weekend of November 9.