Fort St. John Soccer Club does its part to keep children involved in sports

“Dan Turner and John McPherson are trying to get as many girls interested as they can in sports in general but soccer in particular,” explains Kathy MacDonald of the Fort St. John Soccer Club. “We just find that by the time these kids get to U18 there’s no girls left, they’ve dropped off, they’re interested in other things, or not in sports completely. We would like to have teams for them to play on at a competitive level when their older too.”

The girls did a number of soccer drills involving passing and shooting as well as drills aimed at improving their fitness. MacDonald says it’s the first time the camp has been offered and the hope is it will help with tournaments later on.


“We just focused on the U14 girls. We had the club send out an email to the U14 that had joined the club and made it open to anyone who wanted to participate,” she says. “So this is the first ever camp that has been offered to these girls and then we’ll start going to tournaments.”

Indoor registration for soccer is currently closed, however those wanting to try their luck on the waiting list are encouraged to visit the Fort St. John Soccer Club’s website for more information.