Fort St. John Women’s Soccer League roundup

There are 13 teams in the league for this season. Six of those are competitive, seven are recreational. Below are the results from the opening week of the season:

Ironhide 3 Sharp 2


Alchoballics 3 Energetic 0

Richmond 4 Maxim 1

Highmark 4 The Crush 0

Highmark 3 Royal Rebels 1

D&D 7 Alta Gas 0 

Fort Motors 3 Vipers 0

Vipers 6 Alchoballics 2

The Crush 6 Energetic 2

Royal Rebels 4 Fort Motors 1

Richmond 3 Ironhide 3

This weekend is a busy one for the ladies of the Fort St. John Women’s Soccer League. The 2013 Icebreaker Tournament goes Friday and Saturday, while standard league games will be going on Sunday afternoon and evening.