School District 60 considering possible transportation allowance cut

The proposal, if accepted, would see that 40 cents per kilometre cut in half to 20 cents per kilometre up to a maximum of $20 per day. The notion was first brought up at this week’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

School District 60 Board Chair Jaret Thompson says the potential allowance cut was one considered after all district policies were reviewed, and is related to the transportation funding issue that is still unsettled.


“We went through all the policies in the last year and a half and this one was one that we had to address,” he explains. “It also falls in with the broader transportation issue that our funding has been impacted big time, and there is another policy that lines up with this for a boarding allowance-type situation. They all tie in.”

The assistance is for families who live in very remote areas who drive their children to the nearest bus stop. The matter is expected to come up once again at the next board meeting slated for October 21.

As it pertains to the transportation budget, the school district is continuing to work with local MLA Pat Pimm to settle on a date in hopes of avoiding families having to make up for the $500,000 dollar reduction in the transportation budget for the district.