Water well study underway in Hudson’s Hope

The Custodians group reached out to GW Solutions to study the water quality of 16 wells in the area – 15 residential and one municipal. 

It quotes the mayor as saying “Roughly half of the rural Hudson’s Hope population is on water wells and the sub-surface rights have been sold under most of those properties.” 


She says these residents have already encountered problems and cites one of them as sand coming into wells. She concedes some of them – albeit after pumping and changing filters – were able to continue to use their wells, but “three pulled the pumps and have to haul water.” 

The paper also contacted Rob Morgan, the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President of Crew Energy, one of the oil and gas industry companies operating in the district. He’s quoted as saying the company does its own groundwater testing before the fracking process begins, with water wells tested at no cost to landowners and data shared with them. 

That noted Mayor Johansson says, “I don’t know if there is any connection with oil and gas fracking.  I also don’t know that there isn’t.  What we’re trying to do is not suggest there is any connection – we’re trying to establish baseline data.”