Workers injured in explosion and fire at well site near Hudson’s Hope

Subsequently, Calgary-based Cathedral Energy Services Limited was found to be in violation of health and safety regulations enacted last February. According to WorkSafeBC, the workers were well-testing when the explosion and fire occurred, but the incident is still under investigation, and there’s no word on what and/or who may have caused it. 

In its inspection report, it’s noted a pressure separator unit had sustained severe damage, and that Cathedral could not determine if it was still safe to use. 


The inspection officer also found the pressure relief line was not connected when flowing, which is in contravention of health and safety regulations. Discharged fluid or material must be transported away from where it can endanger workers. 

Lastly, there was a one inch reduction in pipe diameter downstream of the pressure relief device, which is also against the rules. 

Cathedral was ordered to submit compliance reports on two of the three issues by last week, and the third by November 8.