Another robbery from the Totem Mall

A very similar break in took place the morning of November 5, when Apollo Avenue was robbed through the east entrance. 

Security footage from this morning shows three males wearing dark hooded sweatshirts, jeans, and light coloured gloves got out of the truck, and broke the display cases using hammers. The truck is believed to be an older model two-toned Dodge pickup, with a grey bottom and possibly purple top, and an extended cab. 

At this point RCMP says there is nothing to link this theft to the one earlier this month, in which no arrests have been made yet. However, as it involves the same M.O. and number of suspects, police are investigating whether there is a connection. 

In the previous case, the truck used was stolen, and later found in the field south of Duncan Cran School. So far no trucks matching the description have been reported stolen to RCMP.