Building bylaw rescinded effective immediately

Chair of the Peace River Regional District Karen Goodings says that while she doesn’t believe the decision will result in a referendum however that may change based on the next election.

“I don’t believe it will go to a referendum however that may change. It may still go but it would not go until the election which is scheduled for next November,” she says. “I think it will be dependant on the discussion over the next little while to see whether or not a referendum would be appropriate. You don’t want to go to an extra expense unless there is a good reason to do that.”


The meeting was standing room only and had its tense moments which resulted in a few people being escorted from the meeting.

“We had standing room only in the gallery and in the seating area of the regional district office. Some of them were a bit vocal and some of them were a bit aggressive,” Goodings explains. “Steps were taken to try and keep the meeting under control and make it so that everybody could hear and get into a good discussion.”¬†

The bylaw was met by stern opposition by residents, primarily because it was brought in without public consultation, and the large cost and extra work involved in having the PRRD oversee every step of building.