Byelection needed to replace Zone 3 School District 60 Trustee

“Personally I’d like an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the two years that she has spent on the board,” says Secretary Treasurer Doug Boyd. “It’s truly good work that she has applied for the whole district, but in particular Hudson’s Hope.” 

The school board has 30 days from then to choose an Election Officer for the mandatory byelection. School District staff can either select someone from within its own human resources division, or reach out to the District of Hudson’s Hope to help with administration. 


Once a CEO is identified, they will then have 30 days to call the byelection, which must take place within the next 80 days. Trustee elections are already scheduled for November 2014, but since Stark left before January of that year, a byelection must be held.

Boyd stresses the importance of having the process move quickly, so Stark’s replacement will have time to get involved before the next election. 

“If we’re going to be doing this, and it falls into next year, which is an election year anyways, we want to try to make sure that it’s happening so that that individual that is elected, will have an opportunity to actually engage in board activities before it’s almost time to turn around.” 

Zone 5 Trustee Linda Nielson also pointed out the difficulty in making quorum with one board member permanently gone.

Stark ran unopposed in the 2011 election.