Donations being accepted for Farmington family from house fire

RCMP investigation has revealed no obvious cause to the fire, and it is believed that arson is not among the possibilities. 

Since the home was out of the fire district it did not have insurance to cover damages from the blaze. One of the dogs belonging to the family and their cat along with a small kitten were rescued by friends who saw the blaze, however another dog and her litter of puppies were not able to survive. 

Currently only Barbara Ackles is able to work as Sean Ackles is currently suffering from couple of medical conditions. As a result the family is struggling to make ends meet and is looking for support in a number of areas. 

Donations of dog and cat food are welcomed, and anyone who may be willing to adopt an outdoor cat would be appreciated as well. Food donations along with clothing, gift cards or money would also be appreciated.

Friends and family are also in the preliminary stages of setting up a trust fund, and a potluck/jam session to help get the family back on their feet. 

Anyone wanting to contribute is encouraged to contact Jayme-Lyn Corr at 250-219-9512.  There is also a pdf file attached with more information about fundraising for the family.