Huskies struggle in 5-2 loss to North Peace Navigators

Huskies Head Coach Gary Alexander says the team didn’t come ready play and while their effort improved in the final 40 minutes, it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole they dug for themselves.

“We just didn’t prepare ourselves to go out on the ice. Every time they do that it’s the same old story. We sit in the penalty box and let the other team have their way with us,” he explains. “We battled back in the second and third and scored a goal in each and didn’t allow any. It was too little too late.

Alexander adds that while North Peace did a good job of limiting passing plays for the Huskies, the game plan

“They were clogging lanes certainly but our whole game structure wasn’t good tonight. We caused a lot of that lane clogging ourselves. Anytime you get seven penalties in the first period you lose focus. You don’t give five goals away on a team like this and expect to get it back.”

Scoring for the Huskies were Cayle Bell and Brighton Campbell. Registering assists were Taylor Greatrex with two, Blair Karasiuk, and Daylen Pearson.

Travis McLean was in goal for the game and stopped 25 out of 30 shots.

Up next for the Huskies is a rematch against the North Peace Navigators on Friday night at the North Peace Arena. Faceoff is 8 p.m. A win will put the Huskies back on second place in the league standings.