New fire hall move-in date hinges on communications

However, a shortage of workers to complete the exterior siding has again pushed back the estimated opening date. 

“We should see the end of that, they tell us, by the 20th or 21st,” Rogers says. “That’s right around the time we’re projecting to take occupancy of the building, but there are a couple of things out there that hinge on that a bit.” 


The other challenge is finding a day that works for all parties when it comes to switching of communications like phone and 9-1-1 services. Rogers argues the City and Fire Department could be ready to move, but it all hinges on those service providers. 

“Hopefully by that third weekend of the month we’ll be able and ready to move,” he says, adding, “We may be able to move and not be able to move because of the phone and communications side of things, but that’s still too early to tell.” 

Other than that, there’s some cleaning left on the interior, and ensuring the swale under the parking lot is prepared for spring runoff. Some initial exterior landscaping has been done, but the majority will be left for next spring. 

Construction on the new fire hall began in September 2011, and it was anticipated that it would be ready by spring of summer this year, but a snowy winter and rainy spring pushed the move-in date to this fall. 

As of September 9, the projected final budget for the project was estimated at $12,733,029. The original budget was set for $10.5 million, but an additional $1.4 million came from budget shortfalls for construction and project contingencies, project management, and site servicing, as well as $350,000 for other initiatives like geo-thermal and City owned fibre connectivity.