November snowfall kicks off with five centimetres Thursday

So that makes 8.8 centimetres and 34.5 millimetres since the first of October, but that’s far less than last year. 

The same 38 day period in 2012 resulted in the following totals: 88.3 centimetres of snow and 150.8 millimetres of precipitation. Almost all of it came in October, but that doesn’t mean this area isn’t capable of the same kind of numbers in November. 


In fact, we finished last November with 54.5 centimetres of snow, resulting in a precipitation total of 52.3 millimetres. 

In addition, you have to go back less than 20 years to get snowfall totals of 89.6 centimetres in 1996 and 99.1 in 1995.