Opportunities available for businesses to take part in United Way’s Day of Caring

Niki Hedges is with United Way Northern B.C. She says Days of Caring is something that isn’t limited to any part of the year and can include a variety of tasks.

“Days of Caring is done throughout the year at different times. The way it works is that the not for profit agencies contact me. There’s so many different kinds of projects that people need volunteers for,” she says. “It could be something in the spring, a playground, or it may be the seniors home who will contact me and say we need some volunteers to help us with snow shovelling.”


One of the groups looking for help presently is the Salvation Army. Hedges says they

“They have their Christmas, they need help with their food bank. With all of the Christmas donations there is a tremendous need for that to be sorted,” she explains. “The other one is with the kettle pots so I have a couple things I’m working on to help find that.”

Any business or workplace that is looking to contribute to not for profit organizations can call Niki Hedges at 250-263-9266. Likewise, any not for profit organizations looking for help for are project are also encouraged to get into contact with Niki Hedges.