Rescinding building bylaw has “dire consequences” on new construction in PRRD: contractor

In a letter to the PRRD, Chandler argues that the current lack of a building bylaw has many negative consequences for his business – Celtic Homes – and others in the Regional District. 

“Without a bylaw in place, it would be foolish for me to build in any capacity within the confines of the Peace River Regional District as the potential customer/property owner is unable to secure mortgage financing, not a get a [sic] building permit nor an occupancy permit issues to receive proper house and fire insurance,” he writes. 


He argues he will be unable to get paid in full for his work, and he and property owners are put at risk, as banks won’t leverage mortgage financing without the documentation needed for the insurance that’s required. 

In order to get rid of Building Bylaw No. 1996, 2011, which came into effect on March 18, 2013, it had to be repealed in its entirety. That means the Regional District no longer has any authority to provide building inspections until a referendum on the matter is held during the 2014 local government elections. 

Construction must still comply with the B.C.Building Code. 

At its meeting tomorrow, the PRRD will also vote on refunding fees collected for building permits that have not been completed or expired. There are approximately 500 current inspection files being reviewed by staff.