Updated November snowfall totals

It’s a similar situation when it comes to precipitation with 1.6 millimetres yesterday, leaving the month-to-date total at 37.5 and nearly 15 millimetres off the 2012, November total, of 52.3. 

At -26.3 earlier this morning the temperature was the coldest November reading at the airport weather station in nearly two years. 


According to Environment Canada’s Fort St. John records it hasn’t been that cold in November since the 20th of the month in 2011, when the overnight low was -27.1. 

However, the good news is the modern day November 19th, 1963 record seems well out of reach, at -35. 

Yesterday’s low of -25 was also nowhere near a daily record as the coldest November 18th, was -30.6 in 1950. 

The coldest ever November temperature since 1942, was recorded on the 26th of the month in 1985, at -39.2.