2013 Year in Review: Pat Pimm re-elected, called to resign over ALC controversy

The result was largely a surprise, after pre-election polls suggested the B.C. NDP held the lead heading into the vote.

Pimm more than doubled the votes of Independent Arthur Hadland, followed by New Democrat Judy Fox-McGuire and Conservative Wyeth Sigurdson. The margin was much larger than the race in 2009, when Hadland trailed by just more than 1,000 votes. 


The North Peace MLA was then appointed Minister of Agriculture in June, a position he later received calls to step down from.

The day before the election, Pimm wrote a letter to the Agricultural Land Commission in support of an application to have a parcel of land on the Swanson Lumber Road removed from the Agricultrual Land Reserve. He also visited The Horse Park property with members at the end of May, but his involvement was called inappropriate when the ALC rejected the proposal for a second time. 

The non-profit non-partisan group Integrity B.C. subsequently called for his resignation, but Pimm maintains he has no plans to resign over the controversy. He has also asked Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser for advice on situations where MLA’s duties collide with the independent commission that protects farmland.