Move-in week at the new Fort St. John fire hall

“Right now we’re just moving stuff that we’ve boxed up in offices and in the workshop,” he says. “We’ve got some of the [self-contained breathing apparatus] stuff down here so we’re just moving bits and pieces until Wednesday when everything moves down here, including the phone lines.” 

Come Wednesday, Telus will switch over the phone lines, and the trucks and rest of the essential equipment will be moved over afterwards. There will be people working dispatch at both stations that day, in case of a fire or rescue callout. 


Redpath says he`s 100 per cent confident the department will be able to properly respond to a call during the move. 

“If we get a fire call we’re more than prepared,” he insists. “All the equipment’s at the existing station that’s all ready to go. We haven’t moved any essential stuff down here yet like our extra fire hose and trucks. That won’t be moving until Wednesday.” 

Fire fighters have also been spending time at the new building getting familiarized, and helping with the move will also ensure they’re ready to go. Fire crews will be staying in the dorms at the new hall Wednesday night, but there’s no rush to move out everything from the old station. The City of Fort St. John decided to retain the building after the move is complete. 

“The nice thing is we don’t have to move absolutely everything out of that old station,” says Redpath. “We’ve still got some filing cabinets and files that we’re going to go through because we have a retention policy for files so we’re going to go through that stuff over the course of the winter.” 

It’s expected they’ll be able to answer calls from the new hall by Wednesday afternoon.