Poor visibility and ice causing trouble at North Peace Airport

Despite crews working through the Christmas holiday, ice and heavy snowfall continue to plague the airport.

“When the visibility gets really low, it’s just beyond the operating parameters of the aircraft,” explains Managing Director Moira Green. “If it would stop snowing, then we could get the ice off the runway. It has not stopped snowing for days.” 


Travellers are advised to check with their airline online for any delays or cancellations, but at this point Green says they should be making their way out to the airport, with extra time and precaution as everything from the roads to the parking lot and sidewalks are covered in ice. 

Another four centimetres of snow fell at the FortSt. John Airport station this morning, to add to the 34 received since Christmas Day. That also included 2.1 millimetres of rain, which led to much of the ice in town.