Record December 1st snowfall in Fort St. John

20 centimetres of snow, resulting in 19.2 two millimetres of precipitation, were posted for yesterday at the local airport weather station and both easily broke December 1st records set last year. The record snowfall was driven by a strong northerly wind, which is still a factor today, even though the snowfall warning for the area has been lifted.

Reduced visibility in blowing and drifting snow is likely to still be a major travel concern, much, if not all, of today, especially in the open rural areas. Keep in mind as well that in many areas this fresh snow fell on top of some very slippery road surfaces.


So if you must travel today, slow down and exercise a great deal of care and caution, and give snow removal and sanding crews all the safety concern and assistance they deserve.

For School District 60 students, buses were not running today, but the schools themselves are open with normal hours of operation. It’s likely buses will be cancelled again Tuesday, but SD60 has yet to make a decision.