Taylor ups fees for water/sewer, adds campsite reservation charge

In an effort to have water and sewer be self-funding, the District is moving towards full-cost recovery by phasing out subsidizing those services. As such, the annual residential water rate is increasing $25 to $250, along with commercial and industrial rate increases. Water and sewer connection fees are also increasing by $50 each, while the senior’s discount is decreasing from $45 to $40, with five per cent decreases scheduled for each year ahead until it is $25. 

Regular campsite fees at PeaceIslandPark will remain at $15 a night, but the group camping fee has increased to $50 from $40, and a new reservation fee of $120 has been added. The reservation cost will come out of camping fees, but is non-refundable if cancelled less than five days before arrival. 


The cost to rent out the Clubhouse at the Lone Wolf Golf Club is going up substantially to $300, but the $100 rate for use of its kitchen has been eliminated. 

The District will be keeping the reduced cost for leisure skating passes at the Taylor Arena, as they have reportedly been well received by users. A three month pass is now sold for $20, and a six month pass for $30, when they would previously cost $65 and $130 respectively. 

Lastly, the honorariums for mayor and council are going up, but the raises have been reduced from what was originally proposed. Councillors will receive $9,150 a year, up from $9,000, while Mayor Fred Jarvis is getting a $300 raise to $22,600. It was previously suggested councillors make $500 more, which was cut down to $150. 

The new fees will come into effect on January 1, 2014.