B.C. Hydro, District of Taylor reach Site C agreement

According to the agreed terms B.C. Hydro will satisfy a number of measurements deemed to be of importance to the District.

In a release District of Taylor Mayor Fred Jarvis says “We’ve worked very hard to reach an agreement with B.C. Hydro that addresses our concerns should the project proceed. The agreement includes transportation improvements, enhancements to recreation, and key measures to address water security and safety.”


Also in the release, Executive Vice President of the Site C Clean Energy Project Susan Yurkovich says “We are pleased to have an agreement with the District of Taylor related to the construction and operation of Site C. We have had very constructive and collaborative discussions with the District about how to leave the community better off as a result of the Site C project. We believe this agreement achieves that.”

Some of the agreements between the two parties stipulate that B.C. Hydro provides the District of Taylor with $85,000 to implement an enhanced water supply monitoring program prior to the start of project construction, implementation and funding  of mitigation measures required in the event that adverse project effects on the District’s water supply are found, and implementing measures to protect the water treatment plant and pumphouse from potential shoreline erosion.  

Other agreements include:

– Fund the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to install continuous street lighting along Highway 97 through Taylor, changeable message signs and a highway webcam to provide motorists with advance notification of weather and road conditions.

– Fund the development of at least 20 new, long-stay, serviced RV spaces and parking at Peace Island Park.

– Provide $50,000 to the District of Taylor to update their emergency preparedness and response plan.

– Provide $20,000 to the District of Taylor to support their role in road rescue services during project construction.

– Support non-profit organizations in the north and south Peace with an annual fund of $100,000 per year during construction, to be administered by the United Way.

– Form a community liaison committee during the construction phase of the project and support the District of Taylor’s participation with annual funding of $37,500.

Site C requires environmental certification and other regulatory permits and approvals before it can proceed to construction.