Fort St. John’s Kirby Dreher auditions for The Amazing Race Canada

Kirby Dreher says she’s wanted to audition in the past for The Amazing Race but her golf career had made things challenging at the time.

 She wasn’t about to let another opportunity slip past.

“We wanted to audition last year but I was in Florida working on my golf game and I was only home for Christmas and couldn’t get it together so there was a missed opportunity there,” she admits. “We saw that there was a second season so we decided we’d try to do it this time. My mom and I went to Victoria to visit my brother and his fiancée so we set up the whole thing to do the video there.”

Applicants for the show were required to make a video, fill out a lengthy application and send photos as part of the process for the show.

Dreher adds that while she isn’t getting her hopes up for getting a call to compete on the show, she thinks it would be a great experience and has been a fan for quite some time.

“I think a ton of people applied so we’re not really expecting to be picked. It was just something to give it a shot and see what happens,” she says. “We both think it would be so fun to do. We’ve been watching The Amazing Race forever so we always thought that would be such a fan experience. We think we’d be really good and we think we’d be funny.”