Joint Review Panel asks for input from Agricultural Land Commission on Site C

Under legislation, the ALC is supposed to review applications to remove land from the Agricultural Land Reserve, but Energy Minister Bill Bennett has reportedly made it clear, the ALC was not to assess the impact of the proposed dam, on farmland in the Peace RiverValley. 

The Globe and Mail reports counsel for the panel has written to the ALC asking it to provide its advice in writing…as to the process it would follow were the project not excluded from the requirements of the ALC Act. 


Brian Wallace also reportedly asked the ALC to act as quickly as possible noting the public only has until February 3 to make final written comments. 

The Globe reports, in an e-mail reply, the ALC executive director said the matter would be discussed by the board this week. 

There have been conflicting reports, on project related farmland flooding, but today’s story in the Globe sites three thousand hectares as being inundated by the Site-C reservoir. 

The move to seek advice from the ALC puts the panel on the same page as the Peace Valley Environmental Association, which earlier urged it, to do so. 

Again we note the panel has until the end of April, to finish and submit its report to the federal and provincial governments.