More winds coming as power to Peace Region getting restored

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Erica Fisher

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The same goes for Dawson Creek, with the largest outage still at more 1,060, but as that number has steadily reduced during the day, it’s hoped there will only by 650 left by the end of the day. Power outages are still affecting 400 customers in the Chetwynd, Hudson’s Hope, and Moberly Lake areas, but they’ll likely still be waiting until 5 p.m. Friday before their lights will be back on.

However, B.C. Hydro’s Bob Gammer warns that more wind is forecast for the Peace Region tonight with winds from 50 to 75 kilometres an hour and gusts up to 95.

“Compare that to what we saw on Tuesday/Wednesday, we had sustained winds of 90 with gusts up to 125 kilometres an hour,” he says. “It will not be as sever but it will still be a good storm.”

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He adds that Saturday night gusts as high as 100 kilometres an hour are expected, so more power outages maybe be in the future.

Meteorologists have said the severity of the wind earlier this week is something you might see every 30 to 50 years.

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