Reduced mail delivery in Fort St. John Wednesday

“There’s five motorized routes in the area that they can’t get because the roads haven’t been plowed enough, but local in city delivery they’re attempting to get out as much as they can,” explains Canada Post spokesperson John Caines. 

Not all mail will make it out today, but Caines says any routes today will hopefully be made up tomorrow. Those will likely be the outer areas of Fort St. John, further from the city centre. 


Canada Post is already dealing with a shortage of mail carriers in the Energetic City, due to difficulties recruiting and retaining staff. Weekend deliveries have become standard, in order to make up for the worker shortage. 

Canada Post recently announced it will be phasing out home delivery in urban centres and replacing them with community mail boxes, but residents in rural FortSt. John still relying on home delivery won’t see any change.