Weyerhaeuser, RCMP to work together to improve road safety in Grande Prairie Forest Management Area

Noting that roughly ninety percent of the vehicles, on the roadways in question, have no association with the company, it has negotiated an arrangement, with police, and the Municipal District of Greenview, to increase protective measures.

The deal has been about three years in the making, with the request process, for an enhanced policing position, launched back in 2011.


However, it was reportedly delayed by staffing changeovers within the Protection Services Department of the municipal district.

Now, once all the paperwork is completed, a single officer will monitor the high-traffic Weyerhaeuser roads, for nine and a half months of the hauling year.

During the time left over, the M-D, will station the patroller, wherever it feels is the greatest surveillance need.

Weyerhaeuser will pick up more than 80 percent of the 148 thousand dollar associated tab, and the municipal district the rest.

It is hoped to have the program underway, before the start of the summer.