Council to change times of Committee of the Whole and Regular Council meetings

City Councillor Trevor Bolin says the changes make it easier for City Council and the public to take part in meetings.

“I like the changes, I like the three o’clock Committee of the Whole, I like the 4:30 break if needed, I like the 5:30 Regular Council and the six o’clock public,” he says. “It enables more people to be done work and partake in our discussions. It enables all of Council to be here. It wasn’t too long ago that we were doing budget Committee of the Wholes and a councillor misses it and tries to catch up, it’s not an easy task.”


City Councillor Gord Klassen echoed those comments, and added that it will make things run more smoothly going forward.

“I think even on those weeks when we have just council meetings, what this does is to is allows us to eat before we get here which saves a little bit of money but it also saves on us sitting and waiting on the meeting to resume after we’ve taken a break.”

The idea of changing the times was brought up at Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, and was ratified in the Regular Council session that followed. An admin report and a bylaw will now get drafted for February 24 and will get three readings. The change would then be adopted on March 10 and go into effect March 21.